This map shows all the countries from which we have identified koins in the koins>world or the koins>US (coming!) section.  Click on any map pin and a new browser tab will be opened with all the posts about koins from that country.

World Coin Map Placeholder
World Coin Map

Note:  the map program doesn’t allow pins to be scheduled.  Pins may, therefore, be posted before (typically) or after the first blog post depending on my schedule.  🙂

Note:  Yes, another one!  I find the separation of world coins versus US coins oddly US-centric.  “World coins” doesn’t mean all coins, it means all coins minus US coins.  “US coins” means US coins.  It makes me wonder how coin collectors in other countries divide the world and if they do it in the same way, why?  Perhaps it is because of US coin collectors…hmmm.

Note:  Yes, I know Madrid is in the wrong place.  I spent 20 minutes trying to get it right and it will just have to be this way for now!  FIXED.