United States Dollars: Ike, Susan, and Frank

640px-1981-S_SBA$_Type_Two_Deep_Cameo kim rippere kims koins coin collecting numismaticsUS Mint designer, Frank Gasparro, designed both the obverse and reverse for the Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony dollar. His original design for the Susan B. Anthony Eisenhower replacement coin showed a modern representation of Liberty on the obverse. This Liberty design was based on a similar design he created for a proposed commemorative half dollar in 1967. There was wide support for this new design including the US Treasury. Continue reading “United States Dollars: Ike, Susan, and Frank”

Pitcairn’s Pecuniary Position

Pitcairn kims koins coin collecting numismatics kim rippere
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Prior to 2009, those living on Pitcairn Island, population 57 in 2014, used New Zealand coinage. Beginning in 2009 Pitcairn Island, began issuing its first coin set in six denominations.

Pitcairn Island is inextricably bound to its past association with the H.M.A.V. Bounty and Captain Bligh. All island coins reflect this past association. Continue reading “Pitcairn’s Pecuniary Position”

The Type Two Pattern Quint: Colonial or Federal Coin?

constitution- kims koins coin collecting numismatics kim rippereCoin collectors love a good story. The “Quint” has a lot of history since being made in 1783,  but is it the first U.S. coin authorized by the Federal government?  Maybe, maybe not. Some people believe it is the first coin.

A Little US History

In 1783 the thirteen states were loosely governed by the Articles of Confederation not the Constitution of the United States. Why? The states wanted to maintain their independence after having been dominated by the British central government.

The Articles of Confederation were replaced with the Constitution on March 4, 1789.

Early US Coinage

Coinage varied from state to state and all agreed a new monetary system was needed. The Continental Congress, therefore, formed a committee to investigate opening a mint and making its own coins. The plan for new coinage never made it out of committee.

The first official U.S. Mint didn’t begin making coinage until 1792 in Philadelphia.


research kims koins kim rippere coin collecting numismaticsDavid McCarthy, senior numismatist, spent 1.18m for the coin in 2013.  He has now completed four years of research and published his findings regarding the Quint Type 2.  His conclusion is that this coin was the first one struck by the US government.  Not just one of the first…the FIRST.


Having read this article, I can confidently assure everyone that the minute minutia needed to fully vet his finding will be something I’m not interested in…in the least.  I look forward to reading others conclusions and taking the opinions of numismatic experts at “face value.” {hahaha}


Trump Coin, Or Raw Self-Aggrandizement

trump kim rippere hotch rippere kims coins coin collecting numismaticsIf you liked the Beanie Baby craze you’ll love the Trump coin souvenir being touted as a rare collectible “investment”. In January 2017 the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), a non-profit organization composed of many of the top rare coin and paper money experts, issued a warning saying these souvenirs do not make great investments. Continue reading “Trump Coin, Or Raw Self-Aggrandizement”