Kim Rippere

Kim Rippere Kims Coins Numismatics Coin Collecting

Kim Rippere Kims Coins Numismatics Coin CollectingHi! ~waves~

This is Kim Rippere, the picture is old…and so am I.  lol.

I love stepping a toe into a world and finding out how much BIGGER that world is than I thought.  The first time I encountered this was with quilting.  Wow.  And, I have found this to be the case over and over.

Numismatics is a whole ‘nother level of BIG though!  Sheesh.

Lifelong Learner

I have no numismatics biography because I am a newbie/noob.  A lifetime of learning and exploring has lead me down many roads, numismatics is the next one.  I have a graduate degree, have worked primarily in retail and law (not an attorney), and have a lifetime of being creative.  My creativity has expressed itself via paper (Craftisan Studios), mixed media, interior design, home decor, party planning, and more recently needlework.  New experiences and new worlds are something I seek out, crave, and savor.  I look forward adding this numismatic road to my lifelong journey.


Numismatics isn’t something that grabbed hold of me at a young age instead it was a slow creep and a quietly persistent father who may have hoodwinked me a little!  However, I’m along for the vocabulary-ridden ride of numismatics.  Thankfully, I like vocabulary!