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focus Kims Koins Numismatic Coin Collecting Kim RippereKim’s Koins chronicles a noob’s journey (mine) of exploring and learning numismatics.  It will focus on United States coins, but not to the exclusion of other related items that interest me.  Don’t be surprised to see a random post about paper money or foreign coin, or tokens, or the like.  I will be following my interests.

Dad is the seasoned collector for US coins (Fugio Cent to Date) and currency: Obsolete Banknotes,  Large size banknotes, Fractionals, Star Notes, etc., and exonumia. He will be doing some posting, helping with submitted questions, and “helping” with grammar!  lol.


calendar Kims Koins Numismatic Coin CollectingInitially, the plan is to post on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Tuesday being vocabulary day.  There is that much to learn!  If there is a Thursday post it will be about something coin collecting or journey related.  And Fridays will be about actual coins! 🙂


hexagon Kims Koins Numismatic Coin Collecting Kim RippereWe are interested in connecting with and helping others in their numismatic pursuits.  So, feel free to submit your questions about coins, etc. via this form.  We will do our best to respond and provide accurate information.




Wikipedia Kims Koins Numismatic Coin Collecting Kim RippereWe will site references either as a link or as a footnote where appropriate, possible, and/or viable.  You will find that we will use Wikipedia.  We understand that it isn’t a definitive reference but we aren’t writing a dissertation so in most cases it is sufficient for general knowledge and understanding.  If you want better sources feel free to ask or…do you own research.



stop-sign Kims Koins Numismatic Coin Collecting Kim RippereObviously, nothing on this site should be taken as definitive expertise, advice, or knowledge on which to make decisions (legal, investment, purchasing, etc.).   You are, hopefully, using multiple expert sources.  We make no representations to being experts in any aspect of numismatics.