When Worlds Collide

worlds collide kim rippere kims koins numismaticsHow many aspects of my worlds collide?  Read and find out!

I started playing tennis last Fall and have really enjoyed my time outside.  I live where it is HOT/HUMID in the summer (about 6 months!!!).  Since I get stuck in the house during the summer I tend to do things like collect, organize, etc.


charcuterie kims koins kim rippere We have started eating charcuterie several times a week for dinner.  This is good for keto (me!), nothing to cook, no hot kitchen, and limited cleanup.  Everyone wins! It helps that Edward has realized that cheese isn’t all horrible. 🙂

For the charcuterie, I thought it would be nice to have some cocktail forks, knives, and spoons.  I started searching the internet for items I liked and realized that I have some sterling silverware.  Nothing like already having what you want! Digging through my things I managed to gather quite an assortment.  I cleaned it all and arranged it in silverware boxes that I also already had. I used one box for forks and knife; another for spoons, knives, and servicing pieces; and I kept out all the funky little pieces for use.

Years ago Dad was going to have boar on his property.  Apparently, he had plans to make boar prosciutto for charcuterie.  Worlds collide!


Most of the flatware is from my mother although I think she sold her silver years ago.  Something to research. The odd thing is that she had flatware from my father’s family. They divorced over 30 years ago!  I’m not even sure why my mother would have ever had any of my father’s family’s flatware. But, she did and kept it. Worlds collide!

Communicating with my Dad via text I tried to identify some of the monograms.  Understandably, initially, he was confused about why I had flatware with his family’s monograms (as he hadn’t given me any).  He is the family historian and would be the one to readily know this sort of information. Years ago he did the family genealogy and put all the information in two bound books.  Yes, I have copies.

Whiting Armor Kim Rippere Kims Koins Numismatic Coin Collecting

A few of the monograms he is unable to identify who they belong to. Of course, an unidentifiable monogram is on my favorite pattern. I used to sell sterling flatware and have seen so many patterns.  This is stunning and I will give up collecting (which I haven’t done in decades!) my flatware in favor of Whiting Armor.

I told him about another monogram and sent a picture.  He asked if it was sterling. I said no and went to research what it was made from.  Coin silver. WHAT?!?! Seriously, worlds collide!

Isugar sifter kim rippere kims coins numismaticn the meantime, Dad had dug out the old flatware he has.  He sent me a picture of a flat serving size spoon with holes. I was thinking some sort of berry spoon.  Turns out it is a sugar sifter for dessert. Now, I just made a keto lemon dessert that needs powdered “sugar” on the top before serving…hmmmm! Worlds collide!

1893 World’s Fair

1893 Columbia Exposition Spoon kim rippere kims coins numismatic

1893 Columbia Exposition kim rippere kims koins numismatic coin collecting

As Dad was looking at the flatware he has he noticed a spoon for the 1893 World’s Fair/Columbia Exposition.  Aunt Esther traveled the world and collected spoons. I think it is reasonable to assume that she initially purchased this.  Of course, part of the coin collection that Dad gave me includes several commemorative coins for this event! Worlds collide.

When Worlds Collide

When_Worlds_Collide_Book_CoverThen, Dad mentions that he has a copy of a sci-fi novel from the 1950s called When Worlds Collide.  Not joking, this is getting meta foolish!  lol.  I have read quite a bit of sci-fi, but not from this era. Worlds collide!


rolex spoon kim rippere kims coins numismaticLastly, I decided to clean all the collectible spoons. Some of these are sterling and gorgeous.  While cleaning them I noticed that one is a Rolex spoon, which is (of course) Edward’s favorite watch manufacturer.  Worlds collide.


Ouch! Seriously, way just too much colliding!