Sacagawea Quarter

mule kims koins kim rippere coin collecting numismatics sacagaweaWhat’s that? Not exactly. The Sacagawea dollar (reverse) with a Washington state quarter (obverse).

This is an example of a mule.



This is the correct Sacagawea dollar obverse and reverse.

Washington State Dollar Obverse Kims Koins Kim Rippere coin Collecting numismatics



This is the correct obverse of the Washington state quarter.


The coin was struck on a Sacagawea dollar planchet in 2000 and confirmed by the US Mint it was a legitimate error, not intentional.


Fourteen are known to exist and have been certified. Others may exist but haven’t been submitted for NGC certification. Check your pockets.


The highest price paid for this mule was $155,250 in Philadelphia, August 2012. It was graded, NGC MS-67.

Check for {Sacagawea} Coins

I once received three Sacagawea dollars for change at a McDonalds. Yes, they do circulate. They are about as rare in circulation as a half-dollar. When was the last time you received a half-dollar for change at a store?

Next time you see someone staring at their coins they may be looking for mules or other error coins. Personally, I am always looking for waffle and cud coins and all other error coins.