History in Your Pocket: Namibia FAO

320px-LocationNamibia.svg kim rippere kims koins coin collecting numismaticsNamibia?  Nambia?

Namibia was in the news recently because 45* inexplicably called them Nambia.

As we all know lying, mispresenting, and being fundamentally wrong is no impediment or problem for 45*.

Namibia  – 5 cents, 2000

Namibia 2000 5 Obverse FAO kim rippere kims koins coin collecting numismatics Namibia 2000 5 reverse FAO kim rippere kims koins coin collecting numismatics

This is a FAO coin.

Measured Diameter:  20.02mm



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Namibia – The Brief

468px-Africa_map_regions.svg kims koins coin collecting numismaticsNamibia is located on the southwest side of Africa in the United Nations region called Southern Africa.  It is about 18% larger than Texas and has a population about the size of New Mexico.

Capital:  Windhoek

Official Language:  English, Afrikaans, German, and a quite a few others.

They have three Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Units of Currency (including those not currently in use):  cent.

Official Name:  Republic of Namibia.

The Flag

640px-Flag_of_Namibia.svg kims koins coin collecting numismatics

FLAG:  Officially became the flag in 1990 when they became independent from South Africa.




Elements are:

  • Gold Sun = life and energy
  • Red = people
  • White = peace and unity
  • Green = vegetation and agriculture
  • Blue = sky, Atlantic Ocean, water resources, rain


Namibia was a German colony from 1884-1915.  Between 1904 and 1907 In the Herero and Namaqua genocide, Germany systematically killed 50% of the Nama and 80% of the Herero populations.  The survivors were then subjected to apartheid-like conditions.

For many decades there was conflict between several countries and the United Nations about who governed this land and peoples.  In 1990, the Namibia constitution was adopted.

Today it is a unitary semi-presidential republic.


Nama means “vast place.”