Cassie McFarland In The Catbird Seat

cassie-mcfarland-photo27-year old Cassie McFarland from San Luis Obispo, California stepped up to the plate and won the National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative coin contest. The United States Mint made the announcement October 15, 2013. She received $5,000 for her design. Her glove design is on the concave side.

baseball curved coinHer glove design will appear on the obverse. This convex-concave design was a first for the United States Mint.



The Competition

Cassie was in competition against 15 other finalists from the 178 entries turned in prior to May 11, 2013, the deadline. The Commission of Fine Arts, the Citizens Advisory Committee as well as a group of Baseball Hall of Fame Judges recommended her design in July. The Treasury Department finalized the decision September 4, 2013.