OGP/OP {Vocabulary}

O Vocabulary Kims Koins Coin Collecting Numismatics Kim Rippere OGP OPIn my head, I have a soft soundtrack playing OPP (other peoples “parts”) but I think OGP/OP must mean something else to numismatics! 🙂

Typically I’ve seen this when someone is trying to sell something.  They are indicating that the coin comes with…


Original packaging.


Original government packaging.

Additional Thoughts

After posting Dad noted that these also tell “you it’s not graded but doesn’t tell you if there is a COA.”

My comments are: (1) that it could be graded and the OGP/OP still be available (so, it is a reasonable inference but not necessarily true*), and (2) COA will be the vocabulary word next week!

*Yes, I have been called a hairsplitter!  But, we do this just in different ways.  Also, my philosophy degree was focused on logic and the philosophy of science.