Mule {Vocabulary}

M mule Vocabulary Kims Koins Coin Collecting NumismaticsNo, not that kind of mule! Remember, we’re talking about coins, not “animules.”  

They are rare but a few make it out of a mint.

Last Wednesday’s post was about a recently certified mule…coin!


mule kims koins kim rippere coin collecting numismatics

They are mint error coins.  A mule is when two sides (obverse and reverse) of a coin are incorrectly paired.

Wiki has some examples.



We do have “handsome” variety. What is a “handsome” mule?

This type occurs when a proof die is “married” to a business die. Aren’t you glad you asked?

Intentionally Accidental?

Accidental mules are legitimately struck by mint employees by accident whereas intentional ones are created illegitimately by mint employees. Obviously, the mint frowns on this type of “extracurricular” activity.

Hinny?  Jenny?

With all the various names for error coins and all other coins, we haven’t broken down mules into a hinny or a jenny – so far.


A hybrid offspring of a horse and donkey.